Energy Boost Tip: Should I Drink Coffee in the Afternoon?

We’ve all been there: our mornings start fresh and full of energy while our afternoons slip into a state of fatigue and mental drowsiness. While there are many chemical reasons as to why the afternoon slump is so real, there are also many ways to avoid and eliminate this unnecessary sleepiness. Although sodas and energy drinks provide a caffeine boost, they also offer unnecessary sugars, calories and other unhealthy compounds. Boost your afternoon energy with a cup of coffee. Your brain, and your boss, will thank you. Here at Coffee Kids, we prefer to drink Driven Coffee. Check them out to reduce your afternoon drowsiness.

What’s The Deal With Afternoon Sleepiness?

According to a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, most people tend to experience a slump in energy around two to three o’clock in the afternoon. The culprit: your natural sleep rhythm is kicking in. While researchers are still attempting to determine exactly why this universal truth exists, many believe that it’s something to do with rest your brain requires after being awake for so long. There’s a reason why you’re more productive and alert 30 minutes to 4-hours after waking.

Author of the highly-acclaimed book “Beauty Sleep” explains this afternoon fatigue is a reflection of the more intense sensations you experience before going to bed at night. It’s suggested that your core body temperature lowers right before you go to sleep, which triggers the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin. In the afternoon, your body begins this process, but on a much smaller scale. Therefore, even though you’re at work, your body begins releasing chemicals and hormones designed to slow your mental process in an attempt to lull you sleep. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to take that coveted afternoon nap, which is where coffee comes into play.

Overcoming the Slump With Coffee

The most obvious reason as to why coffee eliminates the desire to sleep during those afternoon slumps is due to its caffeine content. With a single cup of coffee containing anywhere from 70 to 200 milligrams of caffeine, it’s no surprise you feel more alert and awake. The science behind this effect is quite interesting. Caffeine prevents you from feeling sleep or lethargic because it inhibits the absorption of the sleep chemical, adenosine. When this chemical is released and connected within its receptor sites, your body immediately begins to react.

By blocking these receptor sites, the chemical has no where to land and is therefore ineffective at doing its job; however, this is only temporary. Because the effects of coffee can last for hours, consume your afternoon cup at least 30-minutes before you typically get tired. Doing so will boost you throughout the rest of your day without keeping you awake at night.