How to Start a Viral Fundraising Campaign

In recent years, the influence of social media and digital communications has created an entire new way nonprofit organizations and various causes can reach out and solicit donations. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to promote your cause and gain the attention of a wide variety of potential donors is to create a viral fundraising campaign using unique fundraising ideas. While traditionally the phrase “viral” means something on the internet as become extremely popular, you may also use this term to describe a fully-online fundraising campaign with the desire to seek out as many viewers as possible.

Suggested Donations Perfected

While there may be fundraising events where you can ask for individual donations that range into the thousands, donation requests in this bracket never go viral. Understand the majority of donors who wish to donate, don’t have the means to do so extravagantly. When this is the case, seek out higher number of donors by making lower suggestion donation amounts. In your online/viral fundraising campaign, ask for lower donations such as $10, $20 or up to $50.

With each level of donation, clearly explain where the funds are going and what the money will do. While the donor may not be receiving a physical item for their donation, they should rest with the knowledge their specific donation is being used for a particular purpose. You’ll have far more luck with smaller denominations when dealing with the mass public.

Connect With Popular Social Media Personalities

Just like a virus spreads when the carrier comes in contact with more people, the same is true for online fundraising campaigns – even the name “viral” is reminiscent of this fact. Connect with social media personalities who have a wide variety of followers. Seek out those who share your same passion and ask for an endorsement and mild advertising. You may be surprised how many of these personalities are willing to give your fundraising efforts publicity. Imagine the effects of having a personality with 10,000 Twitter followers briefly speak about your fundraising campaign, which can be as simple as linking followers to your main campaign page.

Create a Bite-Sied Message

In the world of social media, everything must be bite-sized. The constant flow of information is quick, therefore you must create content that delivers key points of your message within a few sentences. This is a very specific skill set, and if you feel you’re unable to successfully accomplish this task, hire a copywriter who specializes in social media communication.